Supplementary withdrawal is one of the functions of the payroll credit card . It allows retirees and pensioners to withdraw part of their available credit limit or to transfer to another active current account registered in their name.

In addition to the low interest rates and facilitated payment terms, the approval of the withdrawal is quick and without bureaucracy.

Complementary Pay: How does it work?

Complementary Pay: How does it work?

Complementary pay, as the name says, works as a complement to your income . Basically, it is the limit value of your consigned card that is transferred to your checking account and can be withdrawn at any time from your bank or in a 24 hour cashier .

The benefit is released to retirees and pensioners, as it is a permitted operation on the payroll card , which is exclusive to this public, which has a fixed monthly income.

Service limit

The withdrawal limit may vary by bank, but usually revolves around 95% of the beneficiary’s income . This limit is divided for use of the credit card function and for withdrawal. That is, you use the limit not only to make purchases, but also to cash out the value.

There is no maximum withdrawal amount provided you have the credit limit available to perform the operation.

For example:

Imagine that your limit is $ 4,000. In this case, considering the 95% limit on this amount, you can withdraw up to R $ 3,800. Therefore, you can make several withdrawals, as long as the total amount does not exceed these R $ 3,800.

Direct sheet discount

Direct sheet discount

Have you forgotten to pay any bills on time and had to pay interest? This is more common than you might think. Therefore, the payment of the supplementary service is deducted directly from your payroll.

The payroll margin is 5% of the benefit , being discounted monthly on the combined date with the credit institution. In these 5%, the installment amounts of the service and purchases made with the consigned card are charged.

You can advance the payment of installments, or even pay a specific amount to reduce your amount.

Interest rate

Interest rate

The interest rates of the complementary loan are up to 3 times lower than the rates for other types of loans. According to Central Bank statistics , while payroll card interest rates vary by up to 6%, other types of personal credit amount to 17%.

The reduced interest rates on the supplementary loan are mainly due to the bank’s security regarding the receipt of the installments, since they are deducted from the client’s own benefit without delays.

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