Kick-Loan a term that links the words finance and technology, which offers a different credit card with a cashback system.

Once your order is approved, Kick-Loan quickly delivers a virtual card, for online purchases, until you have the credit card in hand. Good right?


Kick-Loan: facilitating financial services


Good Credit is always in search of partners who offer financial services and benefits to users. Thinking about it, he found in Kick-Loan some differences, such as the virtual card and the cashback. The partnership between Kick-Loan and Credit Good exists to offer the ideal credit card for you.


The Kick-Loan Smart Credit Card:

The Kick-Loan Smart Credit Card:

  • Virtual Card : Once you have your approved credit card application, you can use the virtual card to shop online while waiting for your Kick-Loan card to arrive.
  • Cashback : You get back up to 1.3% of the amount spent on your monthly bill. You get money back every month! You can also donate full or partial cashback to Kick-Loan’s social entrepreneurship project, the Kick-Loaners.
  • Lock and unlock : you lock and unlock your card through the Kick-Loan app whenever you want, quickly and securely.
  • Financial control : In the app, you can change the limit, split the invoice, categorize your purchases, and set how much you want to spend with each category.
  • Categories : by means of a graphic, you stay within your expenses by categories, like house, market, leisure, among others.
  • Annuity : exemption of the first 3 months. One of the best costs x benefits: you only pay R $ 118.80 in 12X of R $ 9.90 (in March / 17).
  • Flag : Visa Gold, one of the most important cardboard flags in the world.


To request the Kick-Loan * card, you need:

  • Be Brazilian and reside in national territory;
  • Be over 21 years old;
  • Proof of income and residence in your name.



Subject to credit analysis. The whole process of analysis results in special conditions for each credit profile. That is, according to their profile, the maximum amount to be released, the number of installments and the best interest rate to be applied will be assigned.


Kick-Loaners – Investing in Social Entrepreneurship

Kick-Loaners - Investing in Social Entrepreneurship

Kick-Loaners powered by Visionaries is a social entrepreneurship program in which groups of young people, mentored by great leaders, solve challenges, participate in a pre-acceleration program and in the end, the team that presents a great idea with a validated business model, will receive a company already constituted, 4 months acceleration and an investment of R $ 50,000.00. This investment may be greater if cardholders identify themselves and “invest” a portion of their cashback.


Loan with guarantee and low interest

Loan with guarantee and low interest

Kick-Loan offers guaranteed personal loan with lower interest rates. You can request the amount you want for any purpose using your vehicle as collateral.


How does Kick-Loan’s secured loan work?

The application process is online and 100% secure. You choose the amount, the desired installments, schedule your survey and sign the contract. After the deposit, you can check your contract details and access your tickets in the area logged on the Kick-Loan website.

  • Required documents: RG, proof of income, proof of residence and vehicle document;

Minimum loan amount: R $ 3,000.00 and the maximum value is up to 70% of the value of your vehicle (based on the FIPE table ).

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